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Is Your Playground Safe?

Our Children's Future is Important

Purpose of Inspections

There are two good reasons to have your playground inspected. The first reason is to help keep your playground safe. You do not ever want an accident to happen on your property, it is bad for the injured and it is bad for you and your business. The second reason is to help protect your company from lawsuits that may occur if your equipment is not up to standards. A certified inspector can check your playground for things that cause accidents, like environmental damage, that you would not see otherwise.
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Is Your Playground Safe?

A playground safety audit is something you will need to have on hand and available upon request. It will include all documentation including receipts, records of maintenance, injury reports and certificates of compliance.
When the inspector completes the initial safety audit, the baseline will be created which will measure against all-future periodic inspections.

Periodic inspection schedules should be developed based upon the unique characteristics and equipment of the playground. Typical playgrounds are inspected daily, monthly and biannually. It is recommended that your playground be inspected by a certified CPSI annually and checked for faults against the condition of the last inspection and the baseline at the time of the initial audit.

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Things we'll be looking at

Fall Heights




Use Zones




Non-compliant & compliant equipment issues


Safety signage


Fencing, if required


ADA compliance

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