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Is Your Playground Safe?

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Purpose of Inspections

There are two good reasons to have your playground inspected. The first reason is to help keep your playground safe. You do not ever want an accident to happen on your property, it is bad for the injured and it is bad for you and your business. The second reason is to help protect your company from lawsuits that may occur if your equipment is not up to standards. A certified inspector can check your playground for things that cause accidents, like environmental damage, that you would not see otherwise.
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Responsible playground care consists of a comprehensive audit, inspections at regular intervals, routine maintenance and proper record keeping. Our certified inspectors are trained in all aspects of playground inspection.

Is Your
Playground Safe?

A playground cannot be assumed to be compliant based upon its age or condition of its warranty. An inspection by a third party playground inspector is the best way for you to verify an installation has been done correctly. In a court of law a report and compliance certificate by an independent third party means a lot more than the installer saying, “looks good to me”, assuming they are still in business. As the owner operator routine inspections by an independent third party provides you with a layer of insulation from litigation.
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Seventy percent of all playground injuries occur as a result of falls to the safety surface.

Safety standards for protective surfacing whether it be unitary or loose fill has been established by the American Society of Testing and Materials. At this time ASTM F1292 requires the peak deceleration of the head during impact does not exceed 200 times acceleration due to gravity (Gmax) and the deceleration of the head during impact and the time duration over which the head decelerates (HIC) not exceed 1,000. Results in excess of this are likely to cause traumatic brain injury. TBI

The playground owner/operator is responsible for these standards to be met in the field.

Manufacturer’s certifications relate to test methods and procedures on specific samples. They do not always reflect the performance of an installed playground. The owner operator is required have an inspection completed at the time of installation and on a regular basis.
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Things we'll be looking at

Fall Heights




Use Zones




Non-compliant & compliant equipment issues


Safety signage


Fencing, if required


ADA compliance

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  • "I want to thank Jim Stein/Inspector Playground, for doing a great job!
    My company contracted with Jim to provide a comprehensive Playground safety audit of multiple child care centers, and the results were impressive. Alfonso, & his assistant technician, (our assigned Inspector Playground reps) provided an exhaustive examination of our Playground equipment, answered any questions we asked them during the inspections, and provided a professional, detailed report ( with helpful picture documentation) on the conditions, cited safety concerns, & regulatory compliance of our PG Sets. I believe we will be calling on Inspector Playground’s inspections services again next year…and the next: )
    Thanks Jim! "

    Ray C. III

    Child Care
  • Thank you again for the very comprehensive playground inspection report and for your willingness to work with us as much as possible. I appreciate your professional integrity and concern for the safety of our children.

    Jon Cook, CEO

  • "His Playground Inspection Service Company has performed and provided great service for our company projects for many years. He always finds a way to meet our schedule/deadlines and they have a very professional finished report product ( elec. / written and a thumb drive stick ) that we are proud to turn over to our clients."

    Chris Thomas

    RE Schultz Construction, Inc.

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