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August 9, 2016

Is Your Playground Safe?


Is Your Playground Safe?

Disadvantages to an unsafe playground:

  • Injuries (an average of over 200, 000 per year requiring Emergency Room Treatment)
  • Bad reputation
  • Rising insurance rates
  • Legal action

Why go with us:

  • Professional, certified playground safety inspections that meet local, State and Federal requirements
  • Very specific guidance to help you prevent injuries, lawsuits, insurance claims, loss of reputation
  • 10 years of full time experience with over 1,000 inspected playgrounds…here today and here tomorrow unlike many want-to-be inspectors soon to exit the business.
  • Independent Third Party Playground Inspector
  • Fully Insured
  • One of only a few inspectors properly equipped and certified to perform HIC testing in California to ASTM F1292 standards
  • Best Value Pricing

Playground Concussions are on the Rise

Concussions are serious and the trend shows kids concussions don’t happen only in sports. Approximately 21,000 have suffered traumatic brain injuries including concussions. TBI in children is believed to be underreported by as much as 10 fold. (1)

The alarming rise in concussions and other brain injuries involve equipment like monkey bars and swings and may be related to the publics increasing knowledge about concussions.

Other than banning children from using these play elements one way to prevent children from getting injured include lowering the equipment and providing adequately safe, soft, tested ground surface.

Researchers suggestions to further cut down on the number and severity of playground-related traumatic brain injuries included:

  • Better adult supervision
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Improvements in playground surfaces

(1) Attenuation Values & Prevention of Head Injuries in Playgrounds 14-8-11

Safety standards for protective surfacing whether it be unitary or loose fill have been established by the American Society of Testing and Materials. At this time ASTM F1292 requires the peak deceleration of the head during impact does not exceed 200 times acceleration due to gravity (Gmax) and the deceleration of the head during impact and the time duration over which the head decelerates known, as HIC not exceed 1,000.

Results in excess of this are likely to cause traumatic brain injury.

The playground owner operator is responsible for these standards to be met in the field.

Manufacturer’s certifications relate to test methods and procedures on specific samples. They do not reflect the performance of an installed playground.

The owner operator is required have an inspection completed at the time of installation and on a regular basis.


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